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Professional Excavation Services

Professional Excavation Services provided by AR Cail in Windham and Portland Maine areas.

We have the training and resources to provide complete site work and construction services for any homeowner or business. With new home construction excavation services are usually done as part of the construction process. Some of these services for new home construction are lot clearing, stump removal, septic installation, lawn grading and driveway installation. Even though some projects are usually smaller and more specific they still require heavy equipment. But, homeowners in established neighborhoods also need excavation contractors.  Stump removal can take a long time with small equipment! We can pull stumps out fast and our large capacity dump trucks minimize trips when we need to haul the stumps away. Often times we are trucking out material and hauling in screened loam, sand, or gravels to the site. Having the correct equipment for the job makes the project go smooth and efficient.

Are you connecting to town sewer or water? We can dig the trench, lay the pipe, and even make the connections for you. Need a new septic system? There is no need to subcontract the excavator or the installer! We are licensed septic system installers.

Driveways need service after many years of service. What better company could you find to install your driveway than an excavation company?

Have you always wanted a larger yard? We have all the materials, trucks and equipment to do the yard expansion.  We will loam it to finish and provide the hydro seeding services if requested.

When you hire AR Cail, you can expect great communication and your project to be completed in a timely fashion. Some large excavation companies shy away from residential work. No matter what the project, we love working for our residential clients!

 Whether you are a homeowner with a weekend project, or a company involved in commercial development – AR Cail has the landscape materials you need for a successful outcome of your project.   

AR Cail Landscaping & Excavation is certified and specialize in meeting all of your excavation needs. Here is a list of different services we provide. There is no need to hire several different companies when you can work with one business that can do everything from clearing your house lot to completing your house package.

  • Septic systems
  • Drainage systems
  • Water and sewer lines
  • Erosion control for shore line projects
  • Lot clearing
  • New driveway installations
  • Clearing house lots
  • Trucking, loam, sand and gravel
  • Complete house packages
  • Preparation for a new stone wall, walkway or patio
  • Commercial snow removal and sanding

AR Cail has the equipment and skills to complete your excavation project. We provide excavation work in Windham, Portland and all the surrounding communities.

AR Cail & Son Excavation Contractors located in Portland And Windham Maine

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