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AR Cail Portland & Windham Maine

Serving Greater Portland , Windham and  Lakes Region


Construction Equipment Rental

  • We have a wide variety of equipment you can choose from that you can rent. Having the correct piece of equipment to do your changes or repairs on your property is crucial to getting the job done right. Equipment that is available for rent includes: excavators, loaders, compactors, vibrating rollers, post hole diggers, salt and sand trucks and more.

  • See the list of equipment available for rent at A.R. Cail listed below. Call to confirm the availability.

  • L90 Volvo Loader 3.25 yards - $110.00 per hour with operator
  • 55 Michigan Loader 2.5 yards - $90.00 per hour with operator
  • EC140 BLC Excavator with clean up bucket - $110.00 per hour with operator
  • 10 Wheel Mack Dump Trucks - $60.00 per hour with driver
  • Compactor - $135.00 per day
  • Plow Trucks - $70.00 per hour with driver
  • Low Bed Service - $100.00 per hour
  • T190 Skid Steer - $65.00 per hour with operator
  • 3500 Series Dump Truck -$70.00 per hour with driver
  • Vibratory Roller - $40.00 per hour with operator, $225.00 daily rate
  • Service Truck with mechanic - $70.00 per hour ( One hour minimum charge )
  • Post Hole Digger with Skid Steer - $125.00 per hour with operator ( 12", 18" & 24" drill bits available)
  • Salt & Sand Truck - $90.00 per hour with driver

AR Cail & Son Excavation Contractors located in Portland And Windham Maine

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