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Choosing A Septic Systems

Excavation and Septic System Expert Andrew Cail

Andrew Cail is an expert at septic system installation and will be sure you have the best system for your needs. When selecting the appropriate septic system for a home in Maine, several crucial factors must be considered to ensure effective waste management and environmental protection. The state's diverse terrain, climate, and regulations are significant in this decision-making process. Firstly, the soil composition and absorption rate on the property should be assessed to determine if a conventional or alternative septic system is more suitable. Maine's cold climate necessitates systems that can withstand freezing temperatures and prevent system failures. It's imperative to adhere to state and local regulations governing septic systems, as they vary across regions within Maine. Engaging with a qualified septic professional who understands the state's unique requirements and has experience with its geological and climatic conditions is paramount. By carefully evaluating these factors and seeking expert guidance, homeowners can make an informed choice to install a septic system that aligns with both the property's characteristics and Maine's environmental standards.

Eljen Septic Systems 

The Eljen GSF Geotextile Sand Filter System is a cost-effective upgrade from other septic technologies. Comprised of a proprietary two-stage Bio-Matt™ pre-treatment process, the GSF Modules apply a better-than-secondary aerobic effluent to the soil, increasing the soil's ability to accept the effluent.

Infiltration Septic Systems

Chamber systems are easy to install. Engineered for strength and performance, they have greater design flexibility, a smaller footprint than stone and pipe, and are made from recycled materials. The advantages of Infiltrator chambers add up to cost savings on labor, materials, and time savings on the job.

Sand and Stone Septic System

The typical sand filter is a PVC-lined or concrete box filled with a specific sand material. A network of small diameter pipes is placed in a gravel-filled bed on top of the sand. The septic tank effluent is pumped under low pressure through the pipes in controlled doses to ensure uniform distribution.


New Septic System Installation in Falmouth, Maine
New Septic System Installation in Falmouth, Maine

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