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A.R. Cail Provides Seasonal Maintenance

A.R. Cail Excavation and Contracting your professional contractors.

This skilled team excels in foundational work and sewer projects and meets your winter snow-plowing requirements. Throughout all four seasons in Maine, A.R. Cail undertakes excavation and construction endeavors. Even during winter, initiating a construction project is feasible under the right conditions. Commencing a project during this season offers certain advantages. Contractors, eager for work are more likely to be available, thus handling fewer concurrent projects and focusing on yours. Unlike rainy conditions, the winter climate doesn't hinder contractors' efforts, particularly in snow-covered sites that receive ample sunlight. However, if the area lacks sun exposure and the ground has frozen entirely, it's advisable to postpone starting a project.


    We are here to address any driveway issues arising from winter or snow plowing effects, offering effective repairs. This period presents an excellent opportunity to initiate excavation projects.

  •  SUMMER and fall maintenance:

  • We remain available for driveway and parking lot repairs while it's still an optimal period to commence excavation projects.

  • Winter maintenance:

  • Throughout the winter season, A.R. Cail will diligently manage your commercial and residential requirements for snow plowing, sanding, salting, snow removal, snow blowing, and shoveling. While it's a comparatively quieter phase for excavation work, rest assured that we are fully equipped to undertake excavation projects even during the winter months.

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